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Visions in Black and White


Over the years of his career as a highly respected Atlanta photographer, Frank Hunter won a devoted following, thanks to his unique combination of meticulous technique and unfailingly poetic eye.


Since moving to North Carolina, Hunter has continued to print amazingly detailed images of sensitively captured moments of nature....Rich with the antique technique of platinum-palladium printing, the black-and-white pictures glow as if with an inner light. Hunter begins with a large-format view camera and enlarges the negative still further before printing the final image on treated paper. The transparent edges of the negative print as an irregular border around the imaged.


Hunters work incarnates a sense of aching nostalgia for some of us—there is nothing intrinsically mysterious about his mists and roads and secluded woodlands, but the entire sensibility of the photograph suggests another place and time. It is a vision of the world found often in 19th-century photography, in which a subdued romanticism persisted for decades.  More so even than these illustrious forerunners the expressions of Hunter’s vision imbue bits of the present-day Southern landscape with a sense of the long ago and far away. But Hunter has always been famed for transforming the utterly familiar into something rich and strange. 



--Jerry Cullum, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sunday 6 November 2006, p.K10

Historical and Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta Georgia


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