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"There is no rhetoric behind the work of TW Meyer, no superfluous thesis, 'concept', or agenda--only the pure eye of a real artist. Meyer's photography is a celebration of the world we all inhabit through the lens of an artist of extraordinary gifts allied with flawless craft."

TW Meyer is one of the South's premier exponents of color photography. With a sixth sense, Meyer unerringly discovers the “extraordinary” within the “ordinary,” with an eye for color unlike anyone else's. Meyer combines his unique eye with a prodigious technique; he knows, above all, how the camera "sees" color. The power of his photographs derives, in part, from their essential concentration of color: by limiting himself to just two or three, often starkly opposed, principal colors, he produces images of overwhelming chromatic intensity that evoke a strong emotional response to the subject he captures. Obsessive in his determination for immaculate and original work, his photographs are exquisite both as images and as objects.

Meyer began to garner recognition twenty years ago for his arresting color images of the rusted cast-offs of consumerism transformed into richly seductive and compelling works of art. The range of his work has steadily grown, from the unexpected beauty of a debris-strewn rural landscape, to still life compositions rivaling European old masters or minimalist Japanese prints, to distillations of urban and suburban life, in which nature always plays a role.

Historical and Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta Georgia


690 Miami Circle NE, Ste 905, Atlanta, GA 30324    Tel: 404 814-1811                                                                            

Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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