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Thoughts Left Unspoken: 

Paintings by Charlie Bluett & David Brayne

6 September  -  6 October 2019


From the Exhibition Press Release

Thomas Deans Fine Art continues its program of simultaneous contrasting exhibitions with Thoughts Left Unspoken, an exhibition of new paintings by two British artists; and Uncloaked, an immersive installation by well-known Atlanta artist Elyse Defoor.


Charlie Bluett and David Brayne, whose paintings fill the walls for Thoughts Left Unspoken, express two vastly different artistic points of view: Bluett’s work is abstract; Brayne’s is representational. Bluett’s recent large paintings of overlapping, translucent shapes on pure white backgrounds have achieved widespread popularity and mesmerize viewers with entrancing color. Bluett says he found his inspiration in long walks along the New England shore collecting sea glass. David Brayne’s small, rich paintings create a personal world of lyrical memory. Figures move as in a dream, casting no shadows; sea or land and sky blend imperceptibly and harmoniously together. Tenderness pervades Brayne’s vision, which has been called “exquisitely and quintessentially beautiful.”

David Brayne lives and works in Somerset, England. Brayne, too, finds inspiration in walking; he begins each morning with a walk along the Alham river in the countryside. Brayne says he begins a painting “with clear intentions. These tend to evaporate quickly, but if I keep my mind on the process, the work will evolve, and the inherent and beautiful qualities of the medium will look after themselves.” Brayne’s work also embodies purely formal, abstract elements that place it within a contemporary idiom. Memorable and instantly recognizable, his work won Brayne election to the Royal Watercolor Society in 2001.


Charlie Bluett was born in Kent, England and studied art at Eton College. After a career as a successful entrepreneur, he returned to art full time less than a decade ago. His abstract paintings are by turns vibrant or ethereal in color and show simple but subtle form, considered and yet fluid, challenging and yet totally at peace within itself. Bluett now lives in New England.

Charlie Bluett
Introducing Charlie Bluett
Introducing David Brayne, RWS

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